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My default learning/problem-solving approach is to write software, so I've written rather a lot of it over the years. The projects that turn out not to be too embarrassing end up on GitHub, where you can enjoy them free of charge.

My GitHub Profile


Some of these GitHub projects live on the internet; you can check them out here:


I make a lot of dumb websites in my free time — here are some examples:

Raspberry Pi

I've been playing with my Raspberry Pi a bit lately. Here's what I've done with it so far:

Old Projects

Michigan Accent Survey

This is my final project for my Laboratory Phonetics class. If you're a Michigan native and would like to help me out, you can take the survey here. The goal of this project is to determine where influence from the Northern Cities Vowel Shift ends and influence from Canadian Raising begins. I'll post the results here sometime in late December if you're interested. If I get enough recordings from enough different regions of the state, I may also try to group the various accents togehter and see how many I can characterize, so that should result in some fun maps and graphs.

Please help me by recording yourself

This study is finished. Check out my slides if you want to see the results (PDF). All of the code I wrote for this project is on GitHub.


FOCUS isn't my project, but I've been working on it for the last couple of years. It's an ultrasound simulation package written in C++ designed to be used with MATLAB. I mostly work on optimizing the existing code (it's gotten a lot faster since I started working on it), but I've implemented a few new functions like Frequency-Domain Time-Space Decomposition and the Bioheat Transfer Equation.

Check it out here

I presented some results regarding the speed improvements I've made in FOCUS at UITC in June, 2013. The presentation slides don't contain all of the information, but I'll add some annotations to the slides to make up for it.

UITC Presentation (PDF)